No Face – No Case Mental by Crackthetoy X Bobbin

Rp 1.840.000

Designer Notes

In a world where the relentless pace of the digital realm collides head-on with our everyday reality, it often seems as though the concept of privacy is fading into obscurity. Enter ‘No Face, No Case,’ a captivating work of art that serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of preserving our personal boundaries. In a society where individuals effortlessly lose themselves in the vast expanse of social media, the notion of privacy can sometimes feel like a distant memory. ‘No Face, No Case’ emerges as a gentle yet powerful reminder that we possess the capacity to create, innovate, and express ourselves without compromising our cherished privacy. This artwork, born from the first collaboration between a husband, a creator of visually stunning art, and his wife, a fan of sewing and making handmade clothes, represents the harmonious fusion of their talents. Together, they’ve crafted a masterpiece that not only captures the essence of our times but also embodies the spirit of ‘No Face, No Case.’ Within this artwork, you’ll find a vivid depiction of a world where creativity knows no bounds, where the boundaries between the digital and tangible blur, yet where one’s identity remains safely guarded. It’s a visual symphony that encourages us to cherish our individuality even as we navigate the digital maze. ‘No Face, No Case’ encapsulates the delicate balance between self-expression and privacy, a testament to the collaborative spirit of its creators. It stands as a timeless reminder that as we forge ahead in this digital age, we can create wondrous things without forfeiting the sanctuary of our privacy.

“Note: Semua pembelian karya dari pameran Secret Showcase: Reform The Uniform akan dikirimkan setelah acara berakhir pada tanggal 20 Desember 2023. Setiap barang yang Anda beli merupakan karya unik dari para seniman dari produk reycle, di mana setiap karya dibuat 1 pcs oleh para seniman” 


Artist’s Biography

Bobbin: A Stitched Chronicle by Kiana Bobbin is a sewing fieldnotes journal, curated by the amateur hand of Kiana, is a testament to her love for fashion and her dedication to slow fashion practices. Within its pages, Bobbin unfolds a delightful tapestry of handmade sewing projects, each crafted from scratch. Kiana’s skill and passion shine through as she transforms raw materials into exquisite fashion pieces, demonstrating her artistry with every stitch. But Bobbin doesn’t stop at the art of creation; it takes sustainability to heart. Kiana’s ingenuity comes to life in her rework and refashion projects, where she breathes new life into used clothes and fabrics, giving them a second chance at beauty and purpose. It’s a testament to her commitment to reducing fashion waste and embracing the principles of slow fashion. Bobbin is a reflection of Kiana’s journey, one that spans over three years of practicing slow fashion. It’s an invitation to discover the art of mindful consumption and the beauty of handmade fashion. _ Crack is a graffiti artist, toy designer & visual artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Art has always been a part of Crack’s life. Having been doing art for more than 10 years, Crack’s work has taken him to new places, working with various mediums & collabo- rating with many brands and is currently working on adapting his art to designer toys, most notably a spray can character that he’s been developing for awhile now. Hatred of the society he lives in and the way that society thinks is what drives Crack to make his art. He is inspired by things in his daily life & by a lot of his childhood memories. Crack’s artwork is defined by crisp lines, with resplendent, vibrant & urban, with a sense of flow, “I consider my work to be my way of self-discovery. I constantly work to refine my style by attempting various approaches to achieve my goals.”

Size & Fit

A 50 cm 52 cm 56 cm 60 cm 62 cm
B 144 cm 146 cm 148 cm 150 cm 152 cm
C 16 cm 17 cm 19 cm 21 cm 23 cm
D 26 cm 28 cm 30 cm 32 cm 34 cm
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