Experienced Suit 2.0 Mondrian Pattern Indigo

Rp 423.200

Designer Notes

Experience Suit is the perfect blend of durability, comfort, and practicality for city living. With the toughness of denim (14oz), the coziness of loose yoga pants, and the convenience of a tool-belt, itโ€™s designed to move with you effortlessly.

Whether you wear to the city streets or outdoor adventures, the Experience Suit with its oversized design will protect you from dust and wind, and keep you comfortable even on sunny days.

Size & Fit

A 51 cm 53.5 cm 57 cm 60.5 cm 63 cm
B 125 cm 130 cm 131 cm 139 cm 139.5 cm
C 16.5 cm 17.5 cm 20 cm 22 cm 24 cm
D 28.5 cm 29 cm 32.5 cm 36.5 cm 40 cm
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